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Internal Martial Arts


Traditional foundations

Contemporary Applications

mind-body integration

Physical Self-Expression




Freestyle Internal Martial Arts is a modernized and refined combination of empty-hand and weapons practice that seeks to combine the essential principles from pre-existing traditional Chinese Internal Boxing methods and combative strategies, and update these approaches with contemporary applications.  Freestyle Internal Martial Arts has its foundations in Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang, with additional complementary skills drawn from the wrestling and grappling methods of Shuai Jiao.  Alongside existing striking, qin-na and takedown methods, our training includes a strong focus on stand-up grappling and throwing. Our Freestyle approach also encourages  the practitioner to explore and employ their own unique forms of self-expression through their training journey. Freestyle Internal Martial Arts does not seek to separate itself from the genuine classical schools of the Chinese combative Internal Arts. Rather, it is a continuation that pursues evolution and refinement of its traditional roots whilst remaining congruent to the original spirit of these arts .  

Freestyle Internal Martial Arts offers a mind-body training method par excellence as the practice includes both health and martial practices combined.  Integrative mind-body benefits from our training includes:

Grounding- Feeling grounded and oriented to the present in the here and now with a sense of healing embodiment-being at home in one's body, safely and securely with more strength and coordination.

Postural realignments- improving old postural habits and weaknesses whilst aligning the major energy centres of the body (The Three Dantians).

Stillness Training- meditative stillness and grounding in standing exercises to find one's centre, balance, inner silence and peace.

Movement Training- opening and closing, expanding and contracting, rising and falling movements to assist in releasing and moving stuck and stagnant energy from past traumas and life challenges.

Partnered applications- Internal Martial Arts generally offer a safe, more graduated and gentle exposure to assertive actions and positive use of strength and aggressive actions to build self-confidence and self-defense skills. Learning 'attack skills' (self-defence methods) is traditionally indicated to increase vitality and raise the spirit while integrating mind and body. 

Students have the option of choosing to develop their foundational training in the traditions of baguazhang or xingyiquan (or both) before refining their own unique approach through the freestyle advanced training process.  The Freestyle practitioner is one who actively develops the classical principles with contemporary understanding and fresh input, in order to develop a unique, individualized approach to the traditional arts.  Our aim is to preserve what is valuable whilst humbly seeking to inject new life into tried and true methods. 

At its core Freestyle Internal Martial Arts takes the original fundamental, essential combative and strengthening skills of the internal schools of Baguazhang and Xingyiquan as its heart, whilst simultaneously liberating and refining the classical methods to meet the spirit of contemporary study of the martial arts.

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