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Strictly defend Martial Virtue (Wu de)

There is always two battles to fight: the internal and the external.  Martial Virtue begins with forging one's inner character and develops outward through one's deeds and accomplishments in their skills.

Martial artists are required to follow and uphold a philosophical and practical code of martial virtue. Respect for self and others, honour, courage, willingness to undergo hardship for the benefit of one's fellow man, perseverance, humility in achievement, righteousness in deed and pure-will in application, are all qualities expected to be cultivated by the serious martial artist. 


The philosophy of Martial Virtue outlines the potentially dualistic paths of power and wisdom, and seeks to unify these qualities into a single practice for the greater development of one's character and the harmonious interaction of martial artists in their community. 

Strength and Compassion, Understanding and Concentration, Love and Respect, Learning and Practice, Imitation and Innovation, Control and Abandon, Instinct and Technique, Discipline and Freedom: all are partnered qualities that make up the practice of cultivating a practical philosophy of martial virtue. Martial Virtue is the practice of seeking harmony within and without: reconciling opposites of darkness and light in one's own character, whilst grappling with the love of others and the practical need to defend life against attack. 

Respect Elders whilst protecting and assisting the younger and less fortunate.

The purpose of strengthening mind and body through the skills of martial training is elevated when those abilities are employed to serve others in one's society. Using one's skills to benefit the community and the greater good gives deeper meaning to the martial artist's practice.  When the martial artist can give themselves to something bigger than the immediate self , one is of genuine benefit to others and in turn discovers a greater purpose to life.

Uphold the law and live a life of self discipline.

It has been said that the true purpose of martial arts training is to produce 'good people.' Practitioners of the martial arts are expected to conduct themselves nobly and with good character in public and private life. Self-discipline leads to true freedom. To practice an art is to refine the self and  actively participate in revealing one's true nature. Laozi said "To know others is skillful; To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom."

Respect and honour all martial artists and their respective styles.

We believe all martial arts are of one family. Everybody can learn from the experience, dedication, expertise and creativity of one another. Treat other martial artists with respect and cultivate good friendships. Never make comments or remarks about them or their respective arts.

Respect your training partner.

The people you train with are integral to the development of your craft and the ongoing improvement of your martial skills. Without quality training partners you cannot refine your skills to a high level. Treat your training partners the way you would like to be treated.

Lead by example and always assist in the development and progress of new and younger students. 

Support and help one another. If you are stronger or more advanced than another student, then you have the responsibility to support and help nurture their development. Students should unite as friends, studying and practicing together. Learn from another's strong points so as to offset your weak points. Then you will progress together. Directly contribute to a feeling of fellowship and willingness to learn from mistakes in a caring and supportive, yet also positively challenging environment. 

Do the best you can.

The focus of our training is to assist in bettering each person as a unique individual. Students are not expected to be the best, but rather do their best, and have their competency and confidence expand over time and practice. Giving your all, with dedication, persistence and openness to learning, continuing to develop one's art with ongoing effort to the best of one's ability, are welcome and respected virtues. 

Understand the Philosophy of Wu Hui Tao 

武 慧 道

Wu Hui Tao (from the Chinese 武 慧 道), can be translated as ‘way of martial wisdom’ or the ‘intelligent way of seeking martial knowledge.’  It stands for cutting straight to the heart of what is most useful, essential and valuable in any present methods, whilst simultaneously developing one’s own uniquely personal style.  Wu Hui Tao represents what is essential, primal and beneficial, whether old or new, free of doctrine and yet happy to realize the valuable essence of traditional wisdom.  This philosophy of mind and body, spirit and soul, warrior and mage, understands the deeper martial spirit:  the willingness to sacrifice in heed of the call, free of attachment to fear and desire, freedom of spirit from the current opinions of society, and working from a heart of compassion. 


 Wu Hui Tao seeks to take from Martial Arts practice - both contemporary and traditional,  what is fundamental, wise, empowering and beneficial. And, with a single cut of the sword of intelligence, break clean away from the dogmatic, the clinging and the constrained, to reveal the shining-diamond heart of wisdom at the centre of one's dedication to their art. 

rules of conduct for participating in classes:


Always respect your instructors and fellow students.

No Fighting or bullying.

No swearing, spitting or loud behaviour.

No participating in training whilst under the effects of drugs or alcohol.

Keep toe and finger nails trimmed and neat at all times.

Wear clean, respectable and appropriate clothing for training to every class.

Bring a towel and change of shirt for excessive sweating.

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